Arthritis Clinic's Secret Recipe

Did you see the report recently from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) about Arthritis? Amazingly 2 in every 9 Americans has crippling Arthritis.

That’s the ‘average’ across all age groups. In older age groups it must be 9 out of 9, or very close to it!

As usual, all of the so-called “wonder drugs” like Celebrex and Fosamax are pitifully useless and massively over-priced. But there is a NATURAL ANSWER, and just pennies a day. It’s like having the most famous Arthritis Clinic in the world, right in the palm of your hand, in pill form.

I bet you didn’t know this startling fact:

Disease in America is so out of control, that the CDC has it’s own weekly report, grimly titled “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report“.

The latest issue is sober reading indeed.

Two in every nine Americans, a total of 49.9 million adults, now suffer from doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The number is growing by about 1 million per year and is expected to reach 67 million by 2030

67 Million?! Some countries that don’t even have that many people!

The driving factor for the rise in arthritis patients appears to be obesity, the researchers said. (Brought on by the typical American Diet of fast food and processed foods.) Among those who are obese, 33% of women and 25% of men have been diagnosed, roughly double the proportion among those whose weight is normal.

The statisticians tell us that there are over 335 different forms or variants of Arthritis.  Arthritis of the knee and other joints disables about 42% of those with arthritis, or 21.1 million people. (That’s more than the total population of my home country, Australia!) The total cost of medical and impaired activity to the U.S. economy is about $128 Billion annually.

That is not a misprint – $128 BILLION, annually!

The CDC says an additional 17 million Americans are projected to develop arthritis in the next 20 years, (that’s 67 million people) making it the most common cause of disability in America.

The Most Famous Arthritis Clinic in America

There is a solution to all this, one that we have simply miraculous results with for nearly 22 years of treating supposedly “incurable” arthritis. It is literally like having an entire Arthritis Clinic right in the palm of your hand.

Some fifteen years ago, while studying Arthritis in all its various forms, I heard about the work of a doctor at a clinic in the desert in California, near Desert Hot Springs. Dr. Robert Bingham, M.D. was his name, and movie stars and captains of industry flocked there for weeks at a time, to take his famous hot mineral bath therapy and special dietary programs to rid themselves of crippling arthritis.

He and I became great friends and associates. I always implored him to put all his therapies together into one magical formula to get his knowledge out to all the world.

Dr. Bingham felt that all forms of arthritis started with poor nutrition. He deplored the massive decline in the quality of food and a lack of good fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains to get necessary vitamins and minerals into the body and bones.

It was Dr. Bingham who first “sold” me on the power of Magnesium to the body. He felt that the medical world and the media were oversold on Calcium, when it was Magnesium the body really needed more of. And also, he was the first to passionately advocate high levels of daily sunshine for vitamin D3 production in the body.

Oh how times have changed. Magnesium is now at the forefront of all bone science and vitamin D3 is being hailed as the “miracle Sunshine Vitamin”, as nearly all chronic diseases are associated with vitamin D deficiency.

Imagine if you had all of this Arthritis wisdom available to you every second of every day? Without having to leave your home or desk? Imagine no more, we have it in our special, exclusive “Arthritis Clinic Formula” that you can start using and experiencing right away.

Nearest thing to a Magic Bullet?

When you read the ingredients that are in this miraculous formula, you’ll quickly grasp the genius that put it together. There really is no other formula available today like our Arthritis Clinic Formula.

And remember, this was put together many years ago, way out in the desert, not in some high tech pharmaceutical laboratory. It was tested again and again on people (some very famous people too,) not on laboratory mice like the drug companies use.

Ingredient Summary:

  • Calcium – primarily from herbs and plant sources.
  • Magnesium – from purified ocean water and desert springs.And double the amount of Calcium.
  • Boron – an unknown bone health mineral. But not to Dr Bingham.
  • Alfalfa – the plant Dr Bingham said could wipe out Arthritis if taken daily. Very rich in Magnesium and Vitamin D3.
  • Yucca – a desert bush that grows wild next to the clinic. The American Indians used it for all bone and joint pain. It works.
  • Devils Claw – extraordinarily powerful natural pain reliever.
  • Mexican Sarsaparilla Root – used for centuries by all Indian tribes to prevent rheumatism. And sexual impotence.
  • Capsicum – a wonderful anti-inflammatory.
  • Hydrangea – a spectacular flowering plant with hidden antioxidant powers.
  • Ocean-source Minerals & Trace Minerals – the first thing people get when they arrive at the clinic.
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Further Tips & Suggestions

  • Diet comes first, second and third. Get off all dairy, red meat, pork, chicken. These cause acidity in the body and blood, which sucks the Calcium out of your bones to neutralize.
  • Drink lots of pure water. If you don’t have one, get a water filter that installs at the sink for pennies a gallon. Bones are 75% water and when they are dehydrated, they crumble and break.
  • Drink “Hemp Milk” instead of cow’s milk. Plant proteins build bones. Ask your local grocery for Tempt brand Hemp milk. You’ll love it.
  • Make up a big pot of my “High Calcium-Magnesium Watercress Soup“. It works wonders.
  • Avoid dangerous, ineffective drugs. Combine with our high-potency Vitamin D3+K2 formula for heightened results and success.
  • Exercise every day. Use hand-weights or exercise bands to provide resistance for your bones and muscles get stronger and healthier.
  • Find mental and spiritual health wherever and whenever you can.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland, PhD/TCM

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