Vitamin B "puts off" Alzheimer's

Next to “Cancer”, the most frightening word in everyday language is “Alzheimer’s”. It strikes without warning and finding a “cure” is next to impossible, researchers say.

But just yesterday, groundbreaking news hit my desk from England about an in-depth study that shows dramatic hope to “put off” Alzheimer’s and maybe totally beat it.

Illustration by Stacy Janis
Source: Alzheimer's Association

A new trial suggests high doses of B vitamins may HALVE THE RATE of brain shrinkage in older people experiencing some of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain shrinkage is one of the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, which often leads to dementia. Here’s some quick facts on brain shrinkage:

  • The average brain shrinks at a rate of 0.5% a year after the age of 60.
  • The brains of those with mild cognitive impairment shrink twice as fast. (1.0%)
  • Alzheimer’s patients have brain shrinkage of 2.5% a year.

If we can find a way to slow the rate of brain shrinkage, this could be the first step towards finding a way to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, researchers believe.

The study, published in the journal Public Library of Science One from Oxford University included members from several departments within the University, including members from the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA), looked at 168 elderly people experiencing levels of mental decline known as mild cognitive impairment. This condition, marked by mild memory lapses and language problems, is beyond what can be explained by normal aging and can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

In the trial study, one-half of the volunteers were given a daily tablet containing the B vitamins Folate, B6 and B12 at levels well above the recommended daily amount. The other half were given a placebo. After two years, the rate at which their brains had shrunk was measured.

The clinical trial found that on average, in those taking vitamin supplements, brain shrinkage slowed by 30%. In some cases it slowed by more than 50%, making their brain atrophy about the same as people without cognitive impairment.

Did you catch that? Up to 50% improvement! This is significant by any measurement.

Beware of “Homocysteine” in Your Blood

Certain B vitamins – folic acid, B6 and B12 – control levels of a substance known as “homocysteine” in the blood.

(If you are a regular reader of our newsletters, you’ve heard me talking (or literally screaming) about the dangers of elevated levels of this inflammation marker in the blood for years – and the reason why we created our famous Cholesteine formula to fight both cholesterol and homocysteine at the same time.)

High levels of homocysteine are associated with faster brain shrinkage and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study authors believe it was the B vitamins’ effect on levels of dangerous homocysteine that helped slow the rate of brain shrinkage. The study author, Professor David Smith, of Oxford University said the results were more significant than he had expected.

“It’s a bigger effect than anyone could have predicted,” he said, “and it’s telling us something biological. These vitamins are doing something to the brain structure – they’re protecting it, and that’s very important because we need to protect the brain to prevent Alzheimer’s.”

He said more research was now needed to see whether high doses of B vitamins actually prevented the development of Alzheimer’s in people with mild cognitive impairment. The Alzheimer’s Research Trust, which co-funded the study, also called for further investigation.

“These are very important results, with B vitamins now showing a prospect of protecting some people from Alzheimer’s in old age,” said chief executive Rebecca Wood. “The strong findings must inspire an expanded trial to follow people expected to develop Alzheimer’s.”

B vitamins are found naturally in many foods, including meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables. But how do you know you’re getting enough?

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Natural Homocysteine Control
As this major research study stated, the cause of Alzheimer’s is thought to be the accumulation of a compound called “Homocysteine” which comes from too much animal protein in our diet (milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, red meat, bacon, chicken.)

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Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • High folate B-vitamin foods include avocados, bananas, beets, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, oranges, spinach, strawberries, sunflower seeds.
  • Blueberries protect the brain too, big time.
  • Get the famous Aussie health spread “Vegemite” (if you can stand the taste) which is pure vitamin B complex at Simply Australian.
  • Exercise every day, the oxygen keeps the brain young
  • Play chess or checkers with your grandchildren.
  • Omega 3’s are brain food. Hemp seeds, nuts, flax oil and wild salmon are good sources. Or get a bottle of our 100% plant-based Omega 3/6/9 formula.
  • Give thanks to God you’ve got a brain that still works.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland, PhD/TCM

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