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The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) are bracing for potentially billions of people across the globe (and millions of Americans) who may become infected with swine flu this fall.

“This virus travels at an unbelievable, almost unheard of speed”, Dr Margaret Chan, the WHO Director-General was quoted as saying last week.

The “most worrying fact,” according to the Director-General, is “that 40 percent of the fatalities concern young adults – in good health – who die of a viral fever in five to seven days.”

Did you catch that? “40 percent of the fatalities concern young adults – in good health”

Dr. Michael Greger, Humane Society International
Dr. Michael Greger, Humane Society International

CDC Confirms Ties to Virus First Discovered in U.S. Pig Factories
Dr. Michael Greger, Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society International wrote an in-depth research report tracing the origins of the swine flu to pig farms in the US.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In August 1998, however, a barking cough resounded throughout a North Carolina pig factory in which all the thousands of breeding sows fell ill.[6] A new swine flu virus was discovered on that factory farm, a human-pig hybrid virus that had picked up three human flu genes. By the end of that year, the virus acquired two gene segments from bird flu viruses as well, becoming a never-before-described triple reassortment virus—a hybrid of a human virus, a pig virus, and a bird virus—that triggered outbreaks in Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa.[7]

Read the full article here.

Flu Factories: Tracing the Origins of the Swine Flu Pandemic
Just last week, Dr. Greger released a one-hour DVD exploring the role factory farming has played in the emergence of the current flu pandemic. The swine-origin H1N1 virus is a poignant example of how the treatment of animals can have global public health implications.

You can preview chapters of the DVD online at the Humane Society’s website.  I urge you to purchase a copy of the DVD at a special discounted rate of just $8.95 to watch together with your family and friends.  It is necessary reading and listening for every informed, intelligent, concerned human being to get immediately, as it could save your life.

Trust in Mother Nature – Not in a Dangerous Flu Shot

The other thing you need to do is trust Mother Nature and her cupboard of natural remedies instead of thinking a Swine Flu shot from the drug companies is going to protect you. Here are my recommendations:

  • Load up on Vitamin D-3. The miracle “Sunshine Vitamin”. And take a lot. 5000iu’s a day, that way the flu virus can’t breed within you.
  • Immune Support is our famous immune boosting formulation that has an “adaptive” capacity to normalize immune function and response, so vital when fighting any kind of viral  invasion. Start with six a day, increase to nine if you feel something “coming on”.
  • Respiratory Support is our 3rd Lung formula. It cleans out the lungs, lets them pump far more efficiently, easier and with more oxygen uptake. Same usage levels as Immune Support.
  • Super AKG Shark Liver Oil formula also dramatically boosts immune function. Nine a day for now as the flu season approaches, reduce in warmer months.
  • Our new Miracle of Life formula also will work further miracles by triggering high immune function to fight any viral invader. Take nine a day however, you need to load up right now and be stronger to fight any invasion ‘coming on the wind.”

By the way, all of our formulas are on sale this week (through Saturday, Sept 12th) at 15% off.  Use the Coupon Code: LaborDay09 when you checkout for the discount.

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