Diabetes – The Disaster Waiting to Happen

The new Epidemic – Diabesity – Obesity triggered Diabetes.

40% of our nation’s kids are either “at risk” or “overweight”, a 10-fold change from when I was a child. And it is not because of genetic changes. It is due to environmental changes. Today, kids are considerably less active and eat mostly highly-processed foods instead of home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Children are being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, also referred to as “adult-onset” diabetes, setting them up for a life long battle with heart disease, kidney and nerve damage, potential blindness and more. As debate continues at the highest political levels about how best to deal with an exploding obesity problem in our young, alarmed specialists are already grappling with its medical effects.

Bill Clinton’s Heart Problems In 10 Year Olds

Kids as young as just ten are now coming down with Bill Clinton’s health problem – clogged arteries. That’s 50 years too soon. Specialists warn that the “Diabesity” phenomenon appears to impact girls more than boys. Native Americans and African Americans are also particularly vulnerable.

The International Diabetes Foundation made an urgent call-to-action recently as it published the views of international specialists, in the journal Diabetes Care. It is estimated that 40% of all children are at risk or overweight. That’s nearly one in every two kids.

The IDF says, “Type 2 Diabetes would be the predominant disease in juveniles within 10 years.” They went on to say, “this is a problem as serious as global warming.”

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The IDF and diabetes experts advocate lifestyle changes, including more outdoor play, exercise areas and limiting consumption of junk food. This is all great, except they make one giant blunder – advocating even more pharmaceutical drug treatment of the problem. As if our children aren’t already being pumped full of enough drugs, the last thing we want is children dependent on drug therapy for the rest of their lives!

Arkansas Took Dramatic Action and Got Dramatic Results

In 2004, in the first study of its kind, Arkansas mandated all children of school age, approximately 400,000 students in total, “weigh-in” to establish a baseline measurement of obesity in children.

Governor Mike Huckabee, diabetic and massively overweight himself, tackled his own health issue and through changing his diet and adding exercise, lost over 100 pounds and become an example for all of Arkansas and turned into a national spokesman for combating unhealthy weight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had predicted that 30 percent of young people measured would be at risk or overweight, but the Arkansas numbers came in at 40 percent. Dr. Joe Thompson, pediatrician and director of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, is leading the BMI program and expected bad news. But even he was surprised “at a 25 percent higher number than any of us had predicted.”

“From our data, two out of five kids who come through the door are at risk or overweight,” says Thompson. The urgent matter now is to “target young people because that’s the place to most likely prevent obesity from starting. The only place to identify and ameliorate, so it doesn’t become a long-term chronic problem for adults,” he adds.

(The breakdown of the Arkansas results were 2 percent “underweight,”  58 percent “normal,” 17 percent “at risk of overweight,” and 23 percent “overweight.”)

This landmark study unearthed frightening facts. With 40% of children in found to be at risk or overweight, vending machines serving candy bars, cookies and sodas were banned in elementary schools, replaced with healthier snack alternatives. Fortunately, several states are now following suit.

Obesity and Diabetes are What I Call the “Foot and Mouth Disease”

Not enough exercise (foot) and too much of the wrong food going into the mouth. If you have a child at risk or overweight, or know one that is, take action now!

Walk your kids to school – or ride bikes with them. I know, I know, in today’s hustle bustle world, the majority of parents do not have the time to walk or ride to school.  But this is your kids we are talking about! If you must drive, park a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way to school.  I think you will find the time walking and talking with your kids invaluable – and you both get a little exercise.

Check out the National Center for Safe Routes to School to find the safest route for your kids to ride their bikes.

Cut Out the Junk Food and Get Our Formulas to Finish the Job

DiaBesity Formula

DiaBesity Blood Sugar Control Formula – Fights Diabetes 119 ways, naturally.

Our DiaBesity formula has no less than 119 individual ingredients to regulate the pancreas and dissolve the actions of sugar and carbohydrates, reducing and in many cases, eliminating the need for insulin or diabetes drugs.

The control of blood sugar is vital in all of this and the miracle mineral, Chromium, runs the pancreas and thus controls the glucose machine in all of us.

With just 2 or 3 capsules taken before each meal, your child’s blood sugar is under control. Many of the herbs in this formula have been used for over a millenia in the East to eliminate sugar problems, cravings and hypoglycemia.

Max Chromium Formula

Max Chromium Formula – The “missing link” in fighting obesity, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Chromium is a trace mineral that has been in the shadows of the fight against diabetes and obesity for decades. Savvy researchers know that it is crucial to controlling blood sugar and triggering the pancreas to manufacture insulin, vital for blood sugar utilization.

Max Chromium contains ChromeMate®, a unique, patented form of biologically active niacin-bound chromium (chromium polynicotinate) that dramatically increases the effectiveness of chromium.

Night Time Fat Burner Formula

Night Time Fat Burner Formula – I am convinced this is the missing link in weight loss programs.

Did you know 1/3 of all fat formation occurs while we sleep?

The main reason many people can’t lose weight is because the last meal of the day is the biggest meal, often ending with a big dessert. All these calories are converted into fat for energy production.

This extraordinary formulation is the result of intense research to find the right combination of elements that burn fat while you sleep, preparing for eliminating in the morning. Customers report sleeping very deeply and becoming “regular” with a strong morning elimination.

I Will Personally Design a Nutrition Program for Your Child

As as Preferred Customer, I will prepare a total program for your children to help break them from the grip of Diabesity. Email me and I will contact you personally to take down the information and then prepare an individually-tailored program for you.

I will include precise diet and exercise instructions, along with the nutritional therapy we use with so much success. Each week we will check-in and monitor your child’s progress every step of the way. Our children are our greatest resource. Let’s save them.

Further Tips and Suggestions

  • High levels of Magnesium help tremendously with basic Insulin sensitivity. Our Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex is very high in Magnesium, a half teaspoon in V8 juice twice a day works wonders.
  • Kids “thrive” on exercise. Enroll them in a soccer team, walk with them every day. Buy them a bike. Remember your childhood and how much time you used to spend just goofing around all day?
  • Exercise simply has to be done every single day. Make it fun!
  • Fruits, fruits, fruits. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. Eat as much as you want.
  • Watch the documentary, Super Size Me and you’ll never step foot into a fast food burger joint again.
  • Make sure your kids have one big salad a day. For 1000’s of good reasons.
  • Avoid Diet drinks containing NutraSweet (Aspartame), Sucralose or other artificial sweeteners.  These artificial chemicals trigger Diabetes and obesity.  Read my article, Diet Colas Backfire, to learn more.
  • Ditto for any drink containing “High Fructose Corn Syrup”. Avoid this like the plague that it is.
  • Make up my special Blood Sugar Control drink for your kids to drink instead of expensive and dangerous Coke’s and Pepsi’s.
  • Eat lots of string beans, cucumbers, garlic, shiitake mushrooms and wheat germ. They’re pumped full of Diabetes-fighting Chromium.
  • Make my Miracle Potassium Broth and my Chromium Super Soup and serve them at least three times a week. They’re good for you too.

And please, do all this NOW, for the health of your child.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. G

3 Replies to “Diabetes – The Disaster Waiting to Happen”

  1. What about adults? I have a mother with type-2 diabetes, she got it at age 65, she is now 71, not in my opinion anywhere near obese, in fact she had just lost too much weight and we were concerned about cancer. She has an enlarged heart and her eyesight is getting really bad. She also is just coming out of hospital with a bad case of cellulitus. She seems to be on TONS of pills but I know that diet and natural remedies could help her.

    What would you recommend, it may be hard for her to think that this could work but it’s worth a try.

    Yours sincerely Shelley.

    PS. found your site through Linda Parelli 😉

  2. @Shelley Newton-Carter
    Dear Shelley,

    Thank you for your email/comment to our site regarding your mother’s Diabetes situation and other problems.

    We have truly exceptional success treating this problem with Diet, Daily Exercise and our Diabetes Formulations. Age is not a deterrent in any way.

    I have sent an email to you separately which outlines the program for her to follow as well as my “Meals that Heal” recipes.

    Contact me after you review it.

    Dr. G

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